CHEERS is dedicated to the general well-being of harbor seals and to vigorous enforcement of applicable law for their protection. Alerts will be posted here of documented instances of continued disturbance or threats to harbor seal safety and habitat; Cheers will be posted when new efforts have been made to extend protection.
updated 11.5.14

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3 CHEERS!  - Educational VIDEO, Online PETITION, and Media CAMPAIGN
Blue Ocean Film

Independent film company Blue
Ocean Production prepares harbor
seal documentary with IndieGoGo
fundraising effort, hoping to raise
awareness of conservation issues
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Alameda Point

Alameda, California citizens launch
online petition drive to protect local
harbor seal haulout from disturbance
and destruction by ferry maintenance
and operations facility project
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Stop Hunting Seals!

German Animal Protection Agency
publicizes shooting of sick harbor
seals by hunters in Schleswig-Holstein
without authorization by qualified
veterinarians or seal experts
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